Information for GP Practices

1. What is Heartbeat?

Heartbeat is a service provided free of charge to your Patient so that your Patient can request and receive their personal Health Summary electronically in a secure manner. Heartbeat is a Vendor Partner of ALEX (Application Layer Exchange). The GP/Practice receives the Patient Heartbeat Health Summary Request via ALEX.

2. GP/Practice Consent to Accept or Decline a Patient Heartbeat Health Summary?

The Patient Heartbeat Request requires the GP/Practice to Accept the request in order to produce the Patient’s Health Summary. If, for whatever reason, the GP/Practices Declines the Patient Request, the process will be suspended and the Patient Notified accordingly.

3. How secure is Heartbeat?

The Heartbeat Health Summary is encrypted. Security is based on two Factor Authentication and enables the customer to use facial/touch recognition (where applicable) to login to their Heartbeat account.

  1. 4. Why is the Patient requesting their Health Summary
  2. The Patient use for Health Summary varies across a range of situations from Insurance, Travel, Pre Employment screening, to help manage their health etc. Typically, the Patient requests their Health Summary; by the Patient requesting a printout in person at the Practice or via Health 365 or via Manage My Health.
  1. Heartbeat is a new digital service that incorporates the Patient Health Summary into their Insurance/Travel Mobile App.
  2. 5. Who is in control of the Patient Health Summary?
  3. The Patient has complete control over their Insurance records including their Health Summary. Before an Insurer can access the Patient’s Health Summary, the Patient has to give positive consent. This consenting process is recorded in the Patient’s Heartbeat Account. Insurer frequency of access to their Health Summary is limited to twice.

6. What if i'm unsure about the request or I need to discuss the request with my patient first?

If for any reason, the GP/Practice, has doubts that the request is from their Patient, Heartbeat recommends they contact the Patient immediately. Where the patient has clearly indicated they are travelling, Heartbeat recommends the GP/Practice ensures the Patient is travel ready e.g. Has sufficient medications, Has had appropriate vaccinations and if needed, receive the appropriate Travel advice regarding their current Conditions etc