Frequently Asked Questions

What is Heartbeat?
Heartbeat is a service that enables you to access your Insurance records e.g. a copy of your medical Health Summary, Insurance Policy etc. from a mobile app. You can then choose whether or not your insurer can access this information, which could potentially help you in certain situations - such as medical emergencies or during a claims process.

Your Health Summary contains the latest key records that provide a picture of your current medical conditions and health status. You can use this information;
  • In a Medical Emergency, especially when you are travelling, to ensure you receive the right medical treatment and advice as quickly as possible
  • To share the information with your Medical Provider, and
  • To support your Travel/Health Medical Claims with your Insurer
What information does my Heartbeat Health Summary contain?
The information contained within your Heartbeat Health Summary is your personal data that you are entitled to under the Health Information and Privacy Acts. It consists of:
  • Your Details (Name, Date of Birth, Address and Gender)
  • Your Measurements that have been recorded by your GP (e.g. blood pressure readings, height, weight)
  • Any Recorded Allergies you may have,
  • Any Medical Warnings you may have been diagnosed with,
  • Past Vaccinations you have had,
  • Medications/Prescriptions you have been prescribed
  • Any ongoing Health Conditions that you are managing
  • Recent consultations
  • Your past Lab Results
What mobile platforms does the Heartbeat application support
Heartbeat is supported on both Android and iOS platforms
How do I get started?
You can download the Heartbeat app here <insert link>

Your Insurer will provide you with an invite code needed during the sign up process. Click on the link and follow the simple process.

Please ensure you have available; your Insurance policy number, PDF copies of your policy/insurance certificate and an electronic copy (jpeg, pdf) of your ID (i.e. passport or driver’s license).
Logging in with Biometrics
How do i request my Heartbeat health summary?
Your Heartbeat health summary request is automatically generated and sent to your GP once you have completed the initial onboarding process. If you are unable to connect to your GP, it may be because the details you have entered on sign up differ from the ones on file with your GP. You will have to get in contact with your general practitioner to amend this.
How secure is my account?
The Heartbeat Health Summary is encrypted. Security is based on two Factor Authentication and enables the customer to use facial/touch recognition (where applicable) to login to their Heartbeat account.
How do I delete my account?
Once you have signed up, you can choose to close your account anytime by going to the settings page and tapping on “delete account”

Once deleted, your data is permanently removed from the Heartbeat system.
How do I share my health information with my insurer?
During the initial onboarding stages you will be asked whether you consent to your insurer having access to your health summary data. If you give consent, your insurer will be able to access your Health Summary at the time of a medical emergency or when you make a claim (Insurer access restricted to twice).

If you do not wish to give consent to your Insurer, you can deny access during the initial onboarding process or turn off access in the data sharing section of the application. Once turned off, your insurer will not be able to see any of your health data. You will still be able to use the application as normal. You can re-consent to an Insurer accessing this information at any time should you have need to.
Where do I store important insurance documents related to a claim or policy?
Heartbeat allows users to upload documents that support or relate to an insurance claim. To begin uploading necessary documents, navigate to “My Documents” on the home screen of the app.
I have forgotten my Login & Password, how do I reset it?
If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by going to the login screen of the app and tapping on “reset password”.

If you are still signed in and know your pin code or have Face/Touch ID enabled, you can navigate to settings and tap on “forgot password”