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Heartbeat is a service that enables the customer to access a secure copy of their health summary from a mobile application.

They can then choose whether or not the insurer can access this information, which could potentially help them in certain situations - such as medical emergencies or during a claims process.

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Why use Heartbeat?

Heartbeat provides an easy-to-use tool accessible to customers of insurers. It enables customers to manage their insurance electronically, effectively and securely.

Heartbeat Increases customer engagement, with value-adds to improve the customer experience and help retention.

The app allows for a quick and efficient claims process to reduce the time and cost of processing a claim. It provides customers easy access to their essential health records and then the ability to share those records with an insurer in medical emergencies or at  claim time.

iPhone Heartbeat Dashboard
Heartbeat Dashboard

Integrated Web Portal

An integrated web portal allows an insurer to access a customers health summary record if consent has been given by the customer. Once consent has been given, the insurer is able to view the customers health summary record twice before the customer has to re-consent

This health information is very useful to an insurance company in a variety of situations including:

  • When travelling overseas and a medical emergency occurs
  • Speeding up claim times by providing the insurer a clearer view of your complete health summary
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Safe and Secure

The Heartbeat platform is built to keep data safe. All health data is encrypted and both applications are protected by two-factor authentication. The mobile app is also protected by biometrics on available devices.

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iOS & Android

Available now on both Android and iOS.

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Trusted Developers

Heartbeat is developed by Webtools Health. Webtools is a technology group that works across NZ and Australia with a number of robust systems used across  the Health, Energy and Agri-tech markets.

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Easy to Use

Heartbeat has been developed with users in mind. It's easy to download and get started straight away.

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