Contact Tracing before it was commonplace!

If you’re like me, you will have enjoyed the extra freedoms that came with the change to Level 2 yesterday but a message we keep hearing from the PM and the Director General is that we are not out of the woods yet, and a key part of our country’s fight against COVID-19 is the ability to contract trace any individual who has been in touch with a known or probable case of the virus.  In fact, the government has explicitly stated that any business or organisation who wants to open must capture the contact details of any visitor, customer or member of staff.

At the very beginning of the COVID-19 arrival into New Zealand we begun to work with KiwiRail to develop a mobile application that would allow the Interislander ferry staff to quickly and securely capture these details. Throughout the lockdown period our teams have been working tirelessly to build out the software so that we can assist other organisations deploy this secure and scalable tool.

Introducing Traceable...

To support business in this requirement, I am pleased to say that we have just launched a new app called Traceable Pro and went live with the Christchurch City Council yesterday with more deployments planned for today and Monday.

The app allows organisations to scan IDs of their staff, visitors and customers, add their email address or phone number and get on with their visit.  This means people can be quickly allowed into a site or business and, if there is any need for them to be traced at a later date, their contact details are available to the Ministry of Health’s contact tracing teams quickly and efficiently.

I’m pretty proud of this new app and the team.  Not only is it quick to market at a time when businesses and our communities really need something, but because we’ve worked closely with a number of organisations during development it has a real focus on usability and meeting the needs of businesses, as well as security and privacy. 

Security and Privacy 

Having seen other tracking apps launch around the world we know Kiwis are concerned about data privacy, and rightly so. During development we always kept this at the forefront of our mind and built this into our design principles on day 1.

Traceable Pro does not use GPS location data, or Bluetooth sniffing functions. The provision of data by a user is entirely voluntary and done with their permission.  Any organisation that uses the app has to agree to the terms of use which means that any visitor or customer data can only be viewed or exported when requested by authorities to assist with contact tracing efforts.

All data that is collected is encrypted & uploaded to a secure cloud environment.  Data stays encrypted at rest, is protected with a number of safeguards and totally removed from the system after 60 days, in line with the Ministry of Health’s guidelines.

Multi-Site Available Now

Traceable Pro is available right now for medium and large-sized organisations, especially those with multiple locations and staff, customers and visitors that come and go.  

Traceable Pro will help a wide range of organisations, including construction, sports and fitness centres, health, transport, councils, retirement homes and retailers.  We would also like to extend the offer of a free license of the software to any charity organisations.

Any organisation that has the complexity of multiple locations and people that move around. 

Organisations can now easily and efficiently capture key information of anyone entering a site or using a service.  Visitors scan their ID, (such as driving license or store card) and add their email or phone number in case tracing is needed.  Unlike web based applications, Traceable Pro has been developed as a smartphone app which means it will be able to work offline; particularly useful for sites in many areas of New Zealand and something many organisations expressly asked for.

The team have also been working with organisations needing customised deployment, so get in touch if you’d like to talk with us about that.   

FREE Single Site Version Coming Soon

We’re really conscious that small businesses are crying out for an easy-to-use solution too and we have a FREE version for single-site companies coming to the Google Play and Apple App stores very soon.    

If you’re interested in this, please hop onto the Traceable Pro website and register your interest now and we will let you know as soon as it’s available.

I know businesses are crying out for a solution which enables them to open responsibly, capture contact details and just get on with running their business and now they can.

For more information on deploying Traceable Pro in your business visit, or phone Brett O’Donnell, +64 21 348 358 or Ben Teycheney, +64 409 996 000.